Do it by your self - 从头组建一台自己的3d打印机

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Last updated: 2022-03-23 08:58:25 GMT+8.00

很久以前就想拥有自己的 3d 打印机 ,最近由于需要用 3d 打印机做个 2.5 寸转 3.5 寸硬盘架 和我咸鱼淘的 rk3399 主板外壳, 所以最近准备提上日程.


来自 @Angelic47 的推荐,选择了 Voron2.4 项目地址在: Github: Voron-2

官网 Configurator 按钮很方便,直接可以根据选择提供我们所需要的物料.


Filament Feed Setup
Select the type of extruder setup you'll be using:

  • Direct Feed (best option)
  • Bowden Feed


  • New build. Give me the full BOM.
  • I have a VORON2.4 already. Only give me the new parts I need to source.
  • I have a VORON2.1 or VORON2.2 already. Only give me the new parts I need to source.

Frame Joints
Select the type of frame joint you'll be using:

  • Blind Joints (best option)
  • Misumi Corner Cubes
  • OpenBuilds Corner Cubes

Cable Management
Select the type of cable chains you'll be using:

  • IGUS cable chains (expensive option)
  • Generic cable chains (mid-tier option)
  • VORON ZipChains (printed, budget option)

Printer size

  • 250mm Spec
  • 300mm Spec
  • 350mm Spec
  • Custom size





Hex Nut螺母
Self-Tapping Screw沉头自攻
Post-install T-nut弹片螺母
Threaded Insert热熔螺母
Hammer Head T-nutsT形螺母 或者 锤头螺母
1mm Shim1mm厚垫片
Knurled Nut (DIN 466-B)高头滚花螺母


FastenersM5x40 SHCS22
M5x30 BHCS22
M5x16 BHCS35
M5x10 BHCS35
M5 Hexnut16
M5 Post-install T-nut68
M5 1mm Shim42
M4x6 BHCS7
M4 Knurled Nut (DIN 466-B)4
M3x40 SHCS30
M3x30 SHCS25
M3x20 SHCS22
M3x16 SHCS20
M3x12 SHCS41
M3x10 FHCS4
M3x8 SHCS187
M3x6 BHCS11
M3x6 FHCS8
M3 Hexnut6
M3 Post-install T-nut103
M3 Hammer Head T-nuts60
M3 Washer3
M3 Threaded Insert110
M2x10 Self-tapping Screw16
MotionGT2 80T Pulley (5mm ID 6mm W)4
GT2 20T Pulley (5mm ID 6mm W)3
GT2 20T Pulley (5mm ID 9mm W)4
GT2 16T Pulley (5mm ID 6mm W)4
GT2 20T Toothed Idler (5mm ID 6mm W)2
GT2 20T Toothed Idler (5mm ID 9mm W)4
F695 Bearing20
625 Bearing12
Ø5x60mm ShaftD Cut4
Ø5x35mm Shaft (trim to size)1
GT2 Belt Loop (6mm W) - 188mm4
GT2 Open Belt LL-2GT-9 (9mm wide) - 1200mm4
BMG Extruder Components Kit1
Linear Rail MGN9H 400mm6
Linear Rail MGN12H 400mm1
GT2 Open Belt LL-2GT-6 (6mm wide) - 2000mm2
ElectronicsOmron D2F-01L Micro Switch3
Inductive Probe (See sourcing guide)1
Hotend Kit (24V)1
40x40x20 Centrifugal Fan (24V)1
40x40x10 Axial Fan (24V)1
Mini 12864 Display1
TycoElectronics 10EGG1-1 Filtered Power Inlet (NA/UK)1
TycoElectronics 10EGG1-2 Filtered Power Inlet (EU)1
Medium Blow Fuse 5x20mm 4A (220V mains)2
Medium Blow Fuse 5x20mm 8A (120v mains)2
Keystone CAT6 Insert (Optional)1
60x60x20 Fan (24V)3
Controller with 7+ Stepper outputs1
TMC2209 Stepper Motor Driver7
USB Cable for selected controller1
RaspberryPi 3B+ or better1
Mean Well LRS-200-24 PSU1
Mean Well RS-25-5 PSU1
Omron G3A-210B-DC5 SSR1
DIN Rail Mount Bracket for G3A SSR1
BAT85 Diode1
C13 Power Cord1
Thermal Fuse (125C)1
NEMA17 Motor 17HS19-2004S6
NEMA17 Motor 17HS08-1004S1
Vibration ManagementRubber Foot (1.5x.75"38x19mm)4
FrameOpenBuilds Billet Angle Corner Connector (2020)4
Misumi HFSB5-2020-3401
DIN 3 Rails (35mm W) - 465mm2
Misumi HFSB5-2020-4301
Misumi HFSB5-2020-4502
Misumi HFSB5-2020-470-TPW10
Misumi HFSB5-2020-530-LCP-RCP4
MiscFume Extractor Carbon Filter Element1
4mm Threaded Bowden Coupler1
3M VHB Tape 59521
Loctite Blue Threadlocker Stick1
Mobil EP1/2 Grease1
Single Sided Foam Tape 1mm Thick (5m)1
Single Sided Foam Tape 3mm Thick (5m)1
Ø6x3mm Neodimium Magnet8
PTFE Tube (4mm OD 3mm ID) - 1000mm1
PTFE Tube (4mm OD 2mm ID) - 300mm1
CablesNylon Cable TiesSmall (.07-.10"1.8-2.7mm wide)42
18AWG Wire (10ft/3m total)1
20AWG High-flex Wire (10ft/3m total)1
22-24AWG High-flex Wire (min 19 strand)(250ft/76m total)1
Female Spade Crimp Terminal (18-22AWG.250"6.35mm)7
Fork Spade Crimp Terminal (18-22AWG#10)5
Ring Crimp Terminal (16-22AWG#6)1
JST XH Connector3 Position Male/Female Pair plus Pins1
Connector kit matching your controller choice (usually JST-XH)1
Crimp Ferrule Kit (covering sizes 24AWG to 18AWG)1
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 4 Position4
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 3 Position1
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 2 Position2
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 4 Position4
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 3 Position1
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 2 Position2
MLX Power Receptacle 3 Position (bed wiring)1
MLX Power Plug 3 Position1
MLX Male Pin6
MLX Female Pin6
MicroFit3 Female Pin40
MicroFit3 Male Pin40
WAGO 221-415 Lever-Nuts3
IGUS E2i-10-10-018-0 Chain (405mm [1.33ft])2
IGUS E2-100-10-12PZ Chain Ends (set)2
IGUS E2-15-10-028-0 Chain (545mm [1.79ft])1
IGUS E2-150-10-12PZ Chain Ends (set)1
PanelsCoroplast Sheet - 469x469x4 mm2
Coroplast Sheet - 483x503x4 mm1
Acrylic Sheet Clear - 241.5x503x3 mm2
Acrylic Sheet Clear - 483x503x3 mm2
Acrylic Sheet Clear - 483x483x3 mm1
BuildplateMIC6 5/16" Plate - 14"x14"1
Adhesive Magnetic Sheet - 14"x14"1
Spring Steel Flexible Print Surface - 14"x14"1
Keenovo Silicone AC Heater w/ thermistor - 300x300mm (650W)1